CrunchTime History

CrunchTime began in the fall semester of 2000, when a group of friends at the Texas A&M Wesley Foundation got together and came up with the idea of hosting a retreat for high school students.

After several meetings, one student decided that it was time to make some serious plans; he said, "Stay on track guys, it's CRUNCHTIME". The name stuck.

In the next few months, things moved quickly. The students had about three months to plan, publicize and organize the retreat. For the CrunchTime leadership retreat, over twenty-five college students traveled to Westminster UMC in Houston. They spent the weekend in fellowship, brainstorming, and planning. When the weekend was over CrunchTime had begun to take shape.

In the last month before the retreat, estimates of how many youth would be attending varied. When CrunchTime began thirty-three high school juniors and seniors came into College Station for the first annual retreat.

The first CrunchTime was a huge success thanks to the dedication and hard work of those twenty-five students and it continues to reach students spreading the message that walking with Christ daily is an important part of their Christian lives, and that it is never too soon to get started.

Though many changes have occurred over the years, CrunchTime maintains its emphasis on building spiritual maturity now for the transition to college by making Christ the foundation of everyday life. We hope that you will come join us for an amazing weekend!