Kathleen's Kritters

Kathleen Halpin
Hello! I am a senior from Houston, Texas. I am planning on graduating in December of 2017 with a Bachelors of Science in Applied Mathematics and a minor in Religious Studies. In my free time, I enjoy worshiping God, spending time with friends, cooking, reading, exercising, and playing my violin. I love working with and sharing the gospel with young people, so I am super excited to meet and get to know all of you at the CrunchTime Retreat!

Food & Decor
Callie Deckard
I'm Callie Deckard. I am proud to be serving as this year's Food and Decorations chair. I am a sophomore Animal Science major from Lumberton, Texas. I have a passion for cooking and I love to eat just about anything. If you need to find me I am most likely at one of three places: hanging out with my best friend, Kristen, playing ultimate frisbee or softball at Penberthy, or doing something mischievous with the rest of the sophomores at Wesley. After I graduate, I want to eventually become an Ag Extension agent or an Ag teacher specializing in the upkeep of livestock. I can't wait to meet y'all at CrunchTime!

Programs Chair
Robert Hawthorne
My name is Robert Hawthorne and I am proud to be serving as the Programs chair for CrunchTime 2017. I am a junior Forestry major in the college of Agriculture. I am currently studying to hopefully join the US Forest Service and work in a national park. I am an Eagle Scout and when I go home I still help out at troop events as an Assistant Scoutmaster. When I'm not studying I spend a lot of my time reading, playing video games, or playing role-playing and board games with my friends. I am proud to be able to bring my skills to CrunchTime this year and I will do everything in my ability to help this be a fun and informative experience for all.

Worship Chair
Amy Holcomb
Howdy! I am a junior Communication major (A-A-A-Whoop!) I play piano for both the choir and praise band at the Texas A&M Wesley Foundation, so it's safe to say music is a huge passion of mine. In my spare time I enjoy watching movies, especially romantic comedies and Disney. I'm super excited about being Worship Chair for CrunchTime this year - see y'all there!

Curriculum Chair
Kristen Jacobs
Howdy! My name is Kristen Jacobs and I am a senior Biomedical Science major on trac for veterinary school. Once I get to vet school, I want to study small and exotic animals. My favorite food is tacos. Like, I really love tacos. On the topic of food, I like to cook and try to come up with my own recipes. I also really like singing; it has been a passion of mine since I was young. I am teaching myself to play guitar, slowly but surely, because I just need another form of music in my life. I take pride in my leadership roles, both here and in my other organizations. That's all I have so ta ta for now!

Publicity Chair
Colby McCahan
Howdy! My name is Colby McCahan and I am the Publicity Chair for Crunchtime. I am a sophomore Mechanical Engineer major from Amarillo, Texas. I like food, sleep, free time and all the other things engineering students are not allowed to have. Some hobbies of mine include fencing, competitive shooting, playing the cello and the guitar. I am on the Freshman Leadership Team, Board of Trustees, and the intramural softball team at the Wesley Foundation.

Finance Chair
Madison Rorschach
Howdy! My name is Madison Rorschach and I am the finance chair. I graduated in August of 2016 with a degree in Economics and a minor in Business Administration. I am currently working for the City of College Station in the Internal Audit department.

Curriculum Chair
Keith Timmer
Hi, my name is Keith Timmer and I'm the curriculum chair for CrunchTime. I'm a junior nutrition major and I plan to become a diabetic consultant after I graduate. I'm currently a meber of the Texas A&M ultimate team and if you see me, I'll probably have a disc with me. When I'm not playing ultimate I love eating Whataburger nd watching baseball. I can't wait for CrunchTime and the oppurtunity to serve you all.

Technology Chair
Dean Wooten
I am a junior civil engineer major from Frisco, Texas who enjoys being active, reading comic books, playing video games, and most importantly worshiping God. This is my third year to be a part of CrunchTime and second time to be a part of the CrunchTime Board. I absolutely love hanging out with friends and using my skills for the glory of God. I love how I am able to use my abilities for this ministry.