Frequently Asked Question

CrunchTime will be held February 3rd - February 5th, 2017

Who goes to CrunchTime?
Every Junior and Senior in high school is invited to attend this three day retreat. Though the retreat is run by the Wesley Foundation of Texas A&M University, students are invited regardless of what school they will be attending or what denomination they come from. It is also encouraged that at least one youth leader (a youth director or parent) is present to represent each church to be responsible for transportation during the weekend.

Just how long is a 3 day retreat anyway?
The retreat will last from 8 p.m. on Friday night when registration opens until we finish our Sunday morning worship service around 9:30 or 10 am.

But isn’t Sunday the day of the Super Bowl?
Yes it is, but never fear! We will have you out of here by 10 am at the latest so that you will have plenty of time to make it home before kick-off. We promise!

How much does it cost?
The early registration cost of the retreat is $50 per person. The early registration deadline is December 23rd after which registration will be $75. Students will receive the CrunchTime t-shirt if they are registered by January 16th. Partial refunds may be given if requested at least two weeks prior to CrunchTime (January 16th) and no refunds will be given after that date. This price will cover the cost of all meals, a CrunchTime t-shirt, and all activities. CrunchTime will not be providing dinner on Friday or lunch on Sunday. Bringing extra spending money is OK, but it is not necessary. Completed registration forms will be accepted at check-in.

Where will I be staying?
The majority of the retreat will be held at A&M United Methodist Church and participants will sleep on the floor of the church, so a sleeping bag and/or small air mattress is recommended. Keep in mind that space is limited, so keep bedding to a minimum.

Will there be a place to hook up my laptop, cell phone, MP3 player, etc.?
Electronic devices such as these are allowed during specific time allotted because they interfere with the CrunchTime experience. We ask that youth keep them out of sight during CrunchTime programs.

So why should I, a youth leader, attend?
It is recommended that youth leaders attend in order to understand what their high school juniors and seniors are learning, and to network with other youth directors, who can help prepare students for college. There will also be a time for discussion of the curriculum the students are learning, designed to foster discussion on the ride home or in later meetings. All of the major parts of CrunchTime will be led by Wesley Students, so you will be able to have a relaxing weekend with the youth without much responsibility or work. Also, legally students can only ride with the people that bring them.

Can parents attend CrunchTime?
Parents are able to come with their student’s youth group if necessary, but it is not recommended as this weekend is designed to help high school students plug into a college ministry for themselves. If parents choose to come, they will participate in the youth leader activities. Parents can also bring their own juniors and seniors without being connected to a church.

How will the students be transported around town?
Students will be transported by the vehicles in which they arrive. Due to safety and liability concerns, these are the only vehicles students will be allowed to travel in while attending CrunchTime.

How do I register for CrunchTime?
There are two places to obtain a CrunchTime 2017 Registration Form: you can get a copy from your church youth director or you can Click Here and download the appropriate form. Completed forms can be mailed to:

Wesley Foundation
Attn: CrunchTime
PO Drawer K
College Station, TX 77841

Or faxed to (979) 260-2089

What forms do I need to fill out?
There is one student registration form and one adult registration form. Each includes a registration sheet and a medical release form. The student form includes a parent or legal guardian consent section that will need to be notarized.

What is the Registration Deadline?
It is strongly encouraged that students be registered by Friday January, 16. This is because in the two weeks prior to CrunchTime, we will begin purchasing food, ordering shirts, and making arrangements for sleeping and activities. Students registering after this date will not receive a t-shirt. Registration after this date is not guaranteed but may be possible until the start of the retreat (January 30th). Forms received or postmarked by the early registration deadline (December 12th) will receive a discount. Keep in mind, however, that space is limited and availability will be on a first-come, first-serve basis.

What happens at CrunchTime?
CrunchTime consists of many activities. Students will participate in worship services, small group discussions, recreation times, a campus tour, cool skits and much, much more! Parents and Youth Leaders will also be involved in the worship services and recreation times, and be able to spend a nice relaxing weekend in which driving is the only responsibility. CrunchTime is also a great opportunity for both youth and adults to network with others from around the state.

Will I be initiated into the Aggie traditions?
While it would be very hard for Aggies to spend an entire weekend without bringing up or discussing any of A&M’s traditions, Crunchtime is for all students no matter where they will attend college. Because of this, most activities such as the campus tour and discussions about college life will give a general picture of what college will be like, and will not go into anything about A&M in particular. If you would like to learn more about any of the represented universities or take a more detailed campus tours, we encourage you to contact those universities and set up your own tour some time before or after the retreat.

Who’s in charge of CrunchTime?
CrunchTime is run entirely by students of the Texas Annual Conference Wesley Foundations. This year, Bobby Harrington is the director of CrunchTime, but nearly all of the students from the Wesley Foundations help in making the weekend happen.

College kids? Why should I trust my student to be in their care?
We ask ourselves that same question a lot. But you can rest assured that your high school students are in good hands with the A&M Wesley Students because every college student is required to attend a leadership retreat, which includes the conference-led Safe Sanctuary program. Your students will also never be too far away from their own trusty youth leaders.

Are Scholarships available?
We are working hard to provide an inexpensive retreat and efficiently use all registration fees for the benefit of the students. Because of this, we are currently not able to provide scholarships, but if students are unable to pay the registration fee, we encourage them to ask their home church for assistance to attend this unique retreat.

What is the theme for the weekend?
The theme for CrunchTime 2017 is Primetime and the theme verse is 2 Timothy 4: 7. Like CrunchTimes past, we will be discussing time management, and how to maintain an active Christian faith in college.

That sounds Awesome!! Where can I find out more?
Visit us online at or search for “CrunchTime” on Facebook. If you have any additional questions, you can email us at